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When studying the Bloodlines of our many fine dogs here at EMANUEL HOMESTEAD GOLDENS, particularly those of which I have used to develo the characteristics  I find so appealing in temperament & attractive in appearance – you will find many outstanding & well-known names repeatedly surface. These names are those of excellent British, International (specifically Scandinavian) & American Kennels & Champions. I invite you to become familiar & “get to know’ some of these historic names of dogs & their kennels, that have so impressively influenced the development of the Golden Retriever Breed in both past & recent years. I trust that you will walk away from this fascinating exercise a better informed individual, with no regrets for having invested the time it takes to ponder & peruse the valuable information I provide about my dogs & their interesting heritage.

In doing so, it is also my sincere hope that you will develop a new appreciation for the Golden Retriever & also for the many Golden enthusiasts who have worked diligently for many years to carefully & selectively breed fine quality, healthy dogs that continue to warm the hearts & bring much joy to the individuals & families who are privileged to own a Golden today. I would hope that if you are not already the proud owner of one of these loving dogs, that it is your intention to soon arrange to invite one, or more, Golden into your life & home to cherish forever!

Before we get too far into this section, I feel it is very important to emphasize a point. Although I am focusing on the bloodlines & names of many Well-Known Kennels &/or Champion Goldens that are represented in my dogs, included in my bloodlines are the names of many outstanding dogs that have no “Titles” before or after their names. It is necessary to remember that it is each individual dog that is to be evaluated & judged for its temperament, soundness & quality. It is common within the breeding world for breeder/owners to have chosen to not enter their dogs for show or competitions. Yet a good many of these same dogs could very well have gone on to win Titles & Awards as have others before them, & many of them have done just exactly that.

In addition, some excellent Goldens have been produced by small and occasional breeders whose names/kennels have not become as well-known as others. These people often take a great deal of time, and do much research as to what they want, and often obtain very fine results in their dogs from show, obedience, or field. Their interests are not primarily in making money, but in obtaining dogs they want for themselves or friends and in furthering the breed.

As outlined in the section on BREED STANDARDS & CONFORMATION – the primary 2 Standards for the Golden Retriever are based either on the ‘original’ British Standard or the ‘revised’ American Standard. As Britain is the Golden Retriever’s country of origin, it is natural that a fair number of imports over the years have strong, well-known British bloodlines.

Lets take a look at some of the outstanding bloodlines that have brought my dogs & kennel to where it is today!!

[For your Information: When reviewing a dog’s Pedigree, the prefix, a part of the dog’s name, tells which kennel the dog (male) or bitch (female) came from. Abbreviations are used for earned titles. Some titles are appended to the beginning of a dog’s name, and others are appended after a dog’s name. Abbreviations are also used for OFA and CERF Certifications. If a date is shown after a dog’s registration number (such as ‘1-92’), this is the month and year of the issue of the Stud Book Register (ex. AKC) in which the particulars of the dog’s first breeding experience are recorded. It should not be confused with the dog’s date of birth.]

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