Our family’s first Golden Retriever - BRANDY (Sept. ‘78), was 14 years old when he passed away. Our older children will always remember his gentle, loving nature, especially since they grew up with him. He was a faithful friend with a “noble” countenance. He greeted each visitor as if he’d known him or her for years!

Brandy sired some fine litters of pups & we chose to keep several over the years, due to his outstanding personality characteristics & awesome “looks” passed down to his pups.

Brandy was what is referred to as our “Foundation” dog – establishing our kennel upon this “type” of Golden Retriever. His overall appearance, conformation, build & temperament reflected that of a true “Blend” of "American" & "British" Standards. This was surely the expected goal to be achieved by the selection of breeding some of the most outstanding & well-known Champion Golden Retrievers the history of the breed has had to offer that make up Brandy’s impressive pedigree.

Brandy’s head was broad & large with good width & depth of muzzle. His big eyes reflected his huge heart out of which flowed volumes of unconditional love to all!! Although Brandy’s coloring was a lovely light blonde for the first few years, his courser & thicker topcoat became this rich deep “Golden” color. The texture of his thick Golden colored topcoat with full blonde feathering on his chest; hindquarters and tail, was exactly as a Golden’s should be, accented by the remaining full blonde feathering of his undercoat. His chest feathering was as full as the mane on a male lion! He was proud & poised. His walk was slow, smooth & deliberate – also like that of a big lion!! Brandy’s photos are featured in several locations on our web site. Two of our great dogs -Cassie & Katie were sired by Brandy – a striking picture of the 2 of them at approx. 3 months old can be found on our web site – “Our Dogs” page! [Well-Known "American" & "British" Kennel Names &/or Champion Names in BRANDY’S Pedigree – “FEATHERQUEST” – “LIBERATOR” – “BECKWITH” – “SYNSPUR” –“HIGH FARMS” – “DEREMAR” – “YEO”].

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