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In Dec. of 1978, we purchased our first American Standard Golden. "Brandy" was from the well-known "FEATHERQUEST," “LIBERATOR” & “BECKWITH’S” lines. Through the years, I have developed my own line "EMANUEL HOMESTEAD'S GOLDENS," directly from Brandy. His line of outstanding personal & physical characteristics is seen in many of my "American Standard" Goldens today. Through the years I have brought in a few distinguishing pups from outside lines of Goldens to enhance the characteristics I most admire & desire in my Emanuel Homestead Goldens.  I have also worked diligently to build upon my years of experience to choose & develop a new line of special Goldens with outstanding backgrounds & features that bring out these highly sought after Golden Retriever traits.  Pups born all are loved, nurtured, cared for, handled & trained with the special methodology, standards & techniques I have developed through the years that ensure the consistent excellent health, as well as, the calm, gentle temperament & ease of trainability that my Emanuel Homestead Goldens are known for. 


Katie & Cassie -3 months oldAll of my pups are born & raised, literally, in our home in our 'Birthing Area' we designed when we built our new log home here on our property in 2005.  Being right in the center of our 1st level where we are throughout the day and night offers our young pups continual exposure to the daily comings and goings of a large busy family with many visitors, sights, sounds and smells. At 3 to 3 1/2 weeks of age, we move our mom & her pups from our Birthing Area into our beautiful "Nursery Facility Building" that we built and opened in 2009 where the pups have more room to romp and roll!  The love, attention and handling, including that of our adorable grandchildren, under these conditions, make for "low key," gentle and adaptable pups that can "go with the flow" of any family and life-style with considerable ease. One of my most important goals has been to establish a reputation for quality & reliability. I feel certain that I have & continue to accomplish this.

This special way of raising my pups, coupled with the allmost 40 years of experience, sets me above whatever competition there may be.  My excellent reputation & personal referrals draw responsible & committed Golden Retriever Lovers with open hearts full of love & safe inviting homes for my available pups!

The great clients that I work with,  seeking to open their hearts and homes to a new puppy, for the most part, are quite diligent in taking the time needed to research the pros & cons of various breeds of dogs; their care and training; and most importantly, the breeders, themselves.

As a breeder, I highly value the "responsible" owner - and therefore, considerable time is taken with each client/family in preparing them for this event that will significantly but positively impact their home and family life.  Since a Golden can live on average, between 12-14 years, I want to ensure, as much as possible, that each family has the necessary information to make the long-term commitment to our pup/s, to produce permanent and pleasant results.

Once a client’s Application has been submitted for 'review' & been 'approved', we schedule an appointment to meet here so that we can get to know each other better, talk further & I can introduce my Goldens & pups.  If I have pups that are ready to join new families at the time of a visit, it is likely that  a special 'match' will be made between the client & pup & the pup may go home that day with it's new family or arrangements will be made for a different 'pick up' date.  My 'New Puppy Owner Information Packet' will be made available to accompany their new puppy to aid in their transition into their new home & the hearts of their new family.

In the case where pups are not ready to join new families, clients can place or send in their deposit to reserve one of my puppies.  Once their deposit is received,  the client will be given access to the extensive information that I have developed that will greatly assist each puppy client in the process of smoothing the transition of bringing one (often two!) of my charming pups into their home. Some of the information included: Suggestions For Care & General Training, First Week Home, Obedience Training. New owners have appreciated this information & found it quite valuable long after the pup has arrived home when added assistance is helpful.

I am also available to help my clients solve training questions as they arrive at later times, as well. These are best accomplished through e-mail correspondence.
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