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While living at home on the Homestead, we believed that to enhance the education & development of each of the children, they had been taught & intimately involved, throughout their youth, by rotating the responsibility of caring for & assisting in raising our Golden Retriever Dogs & Puppies, including, feeding, watering & exercising the dogs.

Now that all the "kids" are "grown up" with families of their own, or, as in Hannah's case, is so busy & involved in many activities, college & employment, I am truly enjoying the full care for all of my Goldens & pups along with the full management of my kennel. My husband, Mike, also assists me with many of the on going projects & kennel maintenance.

I handle the day-to-day care, feeding, training, & exercising of all the dogs & puppies. When our grandchildren, most of whom live locally, come over, they can't wait to spend time with the dogs & especially, with the pups. They are particularly helpful getting pups ready & 'set up' for many of the photos that are continually updated on my web site!! Several of our grandchildren are 'teens' now - so we are blessed to have a few on a schedule to work directly with our Goldens in all aspects of their life & care.  They are learning many valuable skills & absolutely love our Goldens to pieces!!



I handle the record keeping, coordinating of health records, breeding schedules, monitoring & assisting deliveries, as well as, general training & all client contact, including introducing my lovely Goldens & darling puppies to them.


My favorite role, however, is that of “Midwife” to the mothers before & during delivery.  When we designed & built our log home on the property (2005), we included a lovely spacious, well-equiped 'Birthing Center' on the main floor of our home so we are right here 24 hours a day with our mom's & their babies.  I make sure my mom preparing for delivery is as relaxed as possible & I am right there to assist in labor & delivery (actual delivery usually begins late at night!! ♥ ) to be sure each puppy is cleaned off immediately, breathing well, warm & nursing, as soon as possible. It is a great joy to see life begin each & every time. Always a miracle!!! I begin right from the start, monitoring, handling & working with the puppies to get to know their distinguishing characteristics & personalities.
True Joy!



There is always the special process of matching each puppy with just the right family & helping each family obtain as much understanding & information as possible to ease the planning & preparation process & eventual transition process for each new puppy & its new "forever" family. There is a lot to do each day to ensure the health, growth & development of each of the puppies I have, first in my 'Birthing Center" in our home & then when I move them into our beautiful nursery that we designed & built.  We have been blessed to begin using this amazing facility for my mom's & their pups in March of 2010!!!










Golden’s have on average, between 5- 11 puppies, so keeping the puppy areas cleaned & maintained is a continual job. Seeing that the pups have plenty of fresh water & a proper feeding schedule requires regular attention from me. The mothers, too, need special attention of water, diet & exercise. I closely supervise this process to be sure all pups are getting enough nursing time or supplemental feedings. Some pups in a litter are more assertive eaters in the beginning, so it is very important to see that no one pup is left out!

From the time my pups are born, there is no shortage of love, attention & handling given, not only from our own family members, particularly the Grandchildren, but also from friends, who are always anxious to know when a new litter has arrived. My pups are exposed to a variety of sights, sounds & smells throughout their stay here, which I feel, contributes to their calm & consistent temperament. My pups are all quite content to go with the flow of a busy family life-style. They have been around children & adults, cats, other animals & a variety of situations before joining their permanent family.


Because of the frequent “people” contact they receive – my pups are more “voice” responsive & not so much “litter dependent” – preferring interaction with people instead of just their littermates or being a “loner” & developing an independent streak. I work with them to become good listeners & to respond quickly to my encouraging voice & commands. My young pups are already “coming” & “sitting” well, long before they are ready to head for their new homes. Because of my special methods of raising, handling & training them, my Golden pups are not nervous or high-strung; are very willing to please & are extremely easy to train. As the pup’s Breeder, I will have laid the foundation stone. Once they arrive in their new home, the pup’s subsequent progress and their final outcome depends upon each new owner. Longer-term training is usually a rather smooth process, particularly, if folks continue to build upon the ground work I will have laid in the puppy’s early weeks. Following the simple recommendations provided throughout my information that I make available for each client will ensure greater success.



Occasionally I hear back from new puppy owners with additional training questions or situations that may arise. There are so many theories about training young dogs, often from well-meaning family & friends offering advice. New owners can sometimes become overwhelmed & confused about how best to proceed. I try to give 'follow through' assistance & often refer these folks back to material previously given that may not have made as much sense to them in the earliest stages of the pup’s development but rather is more applicable with their current situations.



The folks on my "Reference Listing" have generously volunteered their time & experience, making themselves available to assist new prospective puppy owners, as well as, those who have recently acquired one (or more) of my Emanuel Homestead Goldens.


There may come a time when you may need to utilize some specific recommended training methods & training tools that I can offer. I hope it will be encouraging to know that I have never dealt with a scenario that – with a bit of extra specially focused effort & consistency by the owner & their family members, that their frustrating situation did not finally work its way through to a positive & most rewarding solution for both them & their Golden. Remember that the Golden Retriever is a slow-maturing breed, so enjoy ‘puppy hood’ and be patient & consistent with your young one!! Your Golden will capture countless hearts with his/her expressive, smiling face and happy; wagging tail, ensuring that you never regret your choice!!



One of the most rewarding aspects of raising my pups is to know that each one will warm the hearts of their owners
& all they come to know.  They will bring many smiles & much joy to everyone.  We are delighted to have
our families stay in touch with us through cards, letters, emails & face book posts with updates, special
stories & awesome fun photos of the pups, children & families, as the pups grow & share that
'unconditional love' that Emanuel Homestead Golden Retrievers are known for!

























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