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Potential ‘owners’ are encouraged to acquire only Purebred Golden Retrievers from reputable breeders. In addition, it is also recommended that these same dogs be “Registered” through a Kennel or Canine association that promotes integrity in the care, raising & breeding of purebred dogs. There are several American & International registry organizations. It is important to note – that having “registered” dogs is only 1 ingredient among many, that combine to help ensure that dogs are the “best” that they can be. Most breeders choose to affiliated & work with one or more of these registry groups.

AKC SealMy dogs are AKC (American Kennel Club) Registered Purebred Golden Retriever Dogs & Puppies. This fine organization seeks to encourage the responsible & reputable breeding registration of high quality purebred dogs, meeting within a recommended range of standards & characteristics. AKC is a registration & record processing organization. They also promote the breeding of healthy dogs & have lobbyists who seek to preserve & maintain related legislation beneficial to canines, their breeders & owners. AKC provides breed related information through various materials & books & web sites, as well as, sponsor dog shows; trials; & events of various kinds

In addition, there are local, regional, national & international breed & dog clubs available. These groups are another resource of information, training classes, competative events & other activities. Such groups often provide a ‘social circle’ of like- minded people, who share concerns for dog issues. Many members establish long-term friendships with each other. Some breeders, however, do not affiliate or take membership in breed or dog clubs for a variety of reasons. Many folks do not have the time or inclination for active involvement in such clubs & the events they sponsor.  People often involve themselves in other activities. Membership/affiliation or the lack, thereof in clubs or organizations, does not at all validate or detract from the quality of a breeders dogs or a particular kennel. We have a large family, along with several permanent personal & business commitments that are rather extensive, besides the care & time demands of our own Goldens & kennel & therefore, have not gotten involved in an active manner in such Breed clubs &/or associations or their events ourselves.  However, I encourage support of The Golden Retriever Club of America & Yankee Golden Rescue.  These are fine organizations that do a lot to encourage & promote responsible & enjoyable Golden Retriever ownership. 
I am VERY proud to be one of these Golden Lovers!!

I often encourage families to consider a ministry in sharing their Golden with children &/or elderly folks as a Therapy Golden in nursing homes; senior citizens centers; children's centers & hospital/rehab programs. The gentle & well-mannered temperament of my Goldens, particularly my "NORDIC" Goldens, makes them the perfect candidate for such a ministry. The whole family can become involved in the training & active ministry. The first part of this training program certification is with AKC. You can find out more about this by visiting .

4-H Clubs are also available through your county extension offices with good general information on dogs, care, kennel maintenance & activities such as meetings, training sessions, shows & fairs. We have found 4-H Clubs to provide excellent instruction, information & activities – for young children & teens, as well as, entire families, to develop & enhance their education & experiences with their Golden Retrievers.

Shows, Field Trials, Obedience, Tracking & other such events provide the Golden owner numerous opportunities to challenge a dog’s skills, appearance, conformation &/or training in the “public” arena. Judges look to award such performance through extensive scrutiny based on highly specific standards, rules & criteria. Points are awarded & recorded through associations or registries for these achievements. These awards are the basis for determining ratings & titles earned through such competitions. Many such titles are found on Pedigree records & are highly esteemed & often “coveted” among dog fanciers. It is very important to note however, that those dogs holding such titles are only the ones whose owners, breeders & handlers have chosen to travel the “show circuit” as a way of life for themselves & their dogs. They have invested serious commitment of time, effort & money into such shows & also place an incredible amount of value & status upon their achievements. In addition, there is exceptional reliance upon some breeders to only develop lines with exclusive importance placed upon such end goals. Such breeders are often only willing to work with a client who closely shares their views relating to their group & circle of friends. “Different strokes – for different folks!!”

Again, it is important to keep the meaning of these awards, titles, & competitions in perspective. I don’t want to take anything away from those who have chosen to participate in such activities. It is just realistic to keep in mind that only a segment of the dog world, are represented this way. Many fine dogs, reputable breeders & responsible, loving owners never find themselves in such events & competitions.

In fairness, though, an evening or afternoon spent in attendance at one of these events or shows or seeing one on TV, can’t help but give one a special appreciation for the honor & prestige that accompanies the presentation of such awards & titles.

Viewing the exuberant & impressive looking dogs at such shows, Goldens, in particular, with their powerful, well-coordinated & smooth gait, trotting round the ring; leaping over jumps in a course or retrieving in a field event, as well as, revealing their listenting skills & self control through obedience & therapy programs, warms my heart & gives me renewed enthusiasm for the part I am involved with in raising & breeding excellent Golden Retrieves. Many of my Goldens have & do compete very successfully at various levels in such environments, particularly Obedience, Good Citizenship, Therapy Training & Agility.  I, personally have not chosen to make such a personal investment with my dogs & kennel into the showing & event world. Instead, I have concentrated my focus & committment to raising & nurturing my Goldens & their pups preparing them for family life but also laying the foundation desired for those folks who desire to participate in the many extra activities & events available to them.  I feel a personal sense of “reward” & accomplishment in contributing to the enhancement of the breed & bringing much joy to families, especially children, through the very special Goldens Retrievers I have here at my kennel, Emanuel Homestead Goldens & the beautiful puppies born to them!!


My primary goal in carefully selecting specific Goldens for Breeding & then for investing all time & techniques I do in my puppies is first & foremost to concentrate on all I can do to ensure the excellent health & well-being of each of my Goldens & to  develop & enhance the unique "TEMPERAMENT" I desire in all my Goldens.
I focus on laying the foundation for a loving, sweet, well-mannered Golden that be a joy to all who come to know him/her, both now & in the future!!
I am not raising my Goldens for breeders or for folks who are or might be interested in breeding now or in the future, therefore, my pups are all AKC Registered Pups but under "Limited" rather than "Full" Registrations. I am raising my Goldens for individuals & families who are seeking to have one of my delightful Goldens for a companion & 'member of their family,' as a 'friend' & possibly to share him or her with others through Therapy Programs & Ministries! I am seeking to 'place' my special pups with individuals or families who fully understand & are ready to consistently invest the time & commitment necessary to the love, care & training of one (or more!!) of my Goldens, not just during the pup stages but for the future. Your new Golden will be with you for the next 10 - 14 years, Lord Willing!!
Additional important considerations for each of my Goldens are excellent conformation & physical characteristics that will consistently enhance the Golden Retriever as a breed, bringing together the stunning features, particularly of my "NORDIC" GOLDENS - as well as, maintaining & enhancing positive features in my "American Standard" Goldens.

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