These pictures below are representative of my GOLDENS greatly resembled here at EMANUEL HOMESTEAD GOLDENS.  Their characteristics are stunning, aren't they???? Their temperament is incredible – calm, well-mannered & endearing. Take a close look at the photos throughout my extensive web site & you will clearly see these fine features in my Goldens & their outstanding puppies.

Schedule a visit to meet with me & I will be happy to introduce my Emanuel Homestead Goldens to you.  You will then be able to experience 'first-hand' how unique & delightful my special Goldens are.


NORWAY/SWEDEN – GLENNESSE, a kennel of significant influence with bloodlines from Norway & Denmark that has had tremendous wins on the show scene are dogs such as International Ch. Glennesse Flin & Glennessa Ylva, include the British STENBURY kennel background – these dogs were not shown in Britain but rather in Scandinavia & have had a big influence on the breed)

Stenbury Seamusic - Click to enlarge. Picture taken from 'The Ultimate Golden Retiever by  Valerie Foss Kennel DAINTY includes imports such as Nor Ch. Stenbury Seamusic (Top winner in her prime) –
















Mjaerumhogdas Classic Sound - Click to enlarge. Picture taken from 'The Ultimate Golden Retiever by  Valerie FossKennel MJAERUMHOGDA of Norway, has produced well over 50 Champions, which is a fabulous record! Kennel FRIENDSHIP & STENBURY of Sweden, owned a great dog imported FROM MAJAERUMHOGDA of Norway that did a lot of winning - International Nordic Ch. Mjaerumhogdas Classic Sound. Classic Sound has been a most valuable stud dog in Sweden for a decade, producing countless winners.


GERMANY – Most of the Goldens came from England, but also from Denmark, Holland, Switzerland & from the other Scandinavian countries.  German enthusiasts showed most interest in the working qualities of their dogs.  The BALTIC KENNEL began in the early 1970’s emphasizing the duplication of ‘type’ but also splendid temperament & working qualities – excelling in Obedience & Field Trials.  This kennel went on in the early 1980’s to mate one of their dogs with Swiss background to Nor Ch. Camillo (Denmark) – produced Ch. Baltic Golden Gwendy, who became the record winning bitch with the most show titles and field awards. Various title holders and different CC winners have been produced in this line, and in the fifth generation Ch. Baltic Golden Rhapsody, Club and NORDIC Winner 1996, Brussels Winner 1995, 9 CCs. Ch. Nunsbrook Baltic Baron, born 1993, joined the Baltic Goldens, quickly gaining four show titles, and is siring some very promising youngsters.
Nunsbrook Baltic Baron - Click to enlarge. Picture taken from 'The Ultimate Golden Retiever by  Valerie Foss

Baltic Golden Rhapsody Picture taken from 'The Ultimate Golden Retiever by  Valerie Foss





One of the most remarkably mild tempered dogs is the Emanuel Homestead Golden Retriever. Although Golden Retrievers, in general, as a breed, are known for their sweet & loving natures, there is a noticeable calmness, gentleness & reserve that is consistently observed in these special dogs. They are especially charming, kindly & loving. They extend themselves in such a way as to nurture & maintain very close & personal relationships with each individual in their family, constantly revealing their loyalty & devotion. Such exceptionable attitudes & spirit quickly establish & “connect” the Emanuel Homestead Golden with each family member in a very special way.


Their beautiful coat coloring ranges predominantly from white, to cream, to pale gold, although deeper tones are seen, since the coloring is not as important as the temperament & overall characteristics. The texture of their top coat is a bit courser & shorter, but Emanuel Homestead Goldens usually still retain a longer feathering look on their chest, legs & hind quarters as other Goldens. As a result, once their 'puppy coat' has been replaced by their adult coat that will grow in, the Emanuel Homestead Goldens have far less “shedding” of the undercoating of their hair. This is often appreciated in the general care & maintenance department, allowing for your time to be spent in play & activities with your Emanuel Homestead Golden, rather than requiring extensive grooming & cleaning.


The Emanuel Homestead Golden’s stature is usually a bit more solid & compact, with their overall height being slightly shorter than the typical Goldens seen in America today. Their square head, eyes & jaw shape, along with the countenance of their facial expressions top off their overall appearance,  making these beautiful Emanuel Homestead Goldens extremely inviting & attractive.


When choosing the ULTIMATE dog for you & your family – EMANUEL HOMESTEAD’S GOLDEN RETRIEVERS stand distinctively apart from all others!!

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