As Breeders, it is up to us to use great care and thought in order to continue to breed sound, well-constructed and happy Golden Retrievers for the future. While I have tried to maintain Golden Retriever characteristics of quality & consistent conformation, I can’t over emphasize the importance I place upon the temperament of all of our dogs & their pups. This is so important to me because most of our pups join families with children or they will be regularly exposed to children & we wish for our dogs to be a joy & a blessing to a family - not a source of concern or fear. Often our pups are companions to the elderly or at times being exposed to elderly folks – so their manners & behavior is quite important to us & to their owners. Because of their special sensitivity & responsiveness to people – (ie. the breed’s superb temperament, willingness to please and unique ability to communicate) – Goldens today have diversified into all walks of life. Both young & old, new owners often plan a wide variety of ways to use our Goldens besides being a family pet, in sport or in show. These fine dogs can be seen as part of therapy programs for hospital, rehabilitation &/or residential nursing homes. They are often trained as dogs for blind, deaf & disabled people. Goldens are also noted for their specialized & highly refined training ability for Search & Rescue Works of many kinds.

We have been pleased to stay in contact with many happy owners of our dogs over the years & their temperament has remained consistently gentle. We regularly have clients return, wishing to add a second or third Golden to their family! Although we have not had the time or interest in showing our dogs on a professional basis ourselves, they all come from champion bloodlines & many owners of our pups have gone on to show them quite successfully in the Show ring, Obedience competition or the Working Field Trials & Tracking.. In our part of Connecticut, as well as throughout much of New England, hunting is quite popular. The “Golden Retriever” makes an excellent choice as a hunting companion, or gun dog. Many of our dogs are currently proving themselves to be extremely successful ‘retrieving” in the field. They train so easily when quite young - they are by design, a “working” dog – exhibiting a wide range of unique skills & capabilities.

As a breed, Golden’s are not generally intended to be “watch” dogs, but they do possess a keen awareness of the unusual. Most people are cautious of a dog this size & who will alert their owners by barking or showing signs of uneasiness when things seem wrong. We feel these are good qualities, especially around a family with children, for individuals who live alone or for retired or elderly folks. These dogs want to be where the children are. It has always been a comfort to us to have the dogs with our children, & now our grandchildren, especially with the many unknowns in our society & communities today. Children & those who might be a bit more vulnerable need all the protection they can get!


November 2, 2009

Chris ... this past Saturday Tallie achieved two huge accomplishments ... she obtained her AKC MACH title (Master Agility Champion) and on the same run, purely coincidentally, received the final placement she needed and is now a member of the GRCA Agility Dog Hall of Fame (ADHF)!  Both remarkable achievements but to occur on the same run is amazing since the requirements are different.  Making it even more special is that we did it at our favorite agility trial ... an all Golden trial sponsored by the Hudson Valley Golden Retriever Club.

We marvel that the puppy we selected 3 1/2 years ago because she was cute and laid back could attain such honors in a performance sport, at a relatively young age and with a handler new to dog training and agility (she has overcome that, thankfully).  She becomes a different dog when we walk into the agility ring ... and she turns alot of heads with her beautiful and graceful gait, jumping style and joy of life when competing.

She has also qualified for the 2010 AKC National Agility Championship in March ... it's in Oklahoma so not sure that we'll make the drive, but it's another honor she has attained.

Attached is a picture of us minutes after the big run on Saturday.

-  Randy Miller


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